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A New Breed of Digital Nomads – Travelling Professional Gamblers

For those of you who aren’t clued up as to what a digital nomad is, they are those people whom you see in many places around the world the rest of us would refer to as holiday destinations, armed with their laptops and essentially working or running businesses remotely. In other words, these are people whose ability to make money is location independent and so they choose to work from what are often very exotic locations.

There’s a brand new breed of digital nomads though in the form of those who generate their remote online income exclusively through online gambling. What this suggests is that it is indeed possible for one to live out their lives as a professional gambler, but that would undeniably have taken a few good months and even years of practice as well as quite a bit of “start-up capital” with which to place bets. It takes a bit of time to build up that kind of start-up capital, so too to master the skill of not just placing blind bets and relying solely on luck to win.

This is big business for the digital nomad who has made professional gambling their exclusive remote income generation mechanism and the skilled pro gambler digital nomad will have undoubtedly lost a lot of their money along the way while they were still up and coming and still learning.

This isn’t a myth or a legend — it’s an actual reality which is inspiring even more people to think differently about their approach to earning a living at the very least.

You see with online gambling it’s a numbers thing, even for those for whom online gambling is nothing more than a fun way to perhaps try one’s luck at winning something. There are always some odds presented to gamers for them to win something and the skilled gamer has a good understanding of how to work the offered odds in their favour. It’s not all fun and games for the typical pro gambler digital nomad however because what you’ll often find if you were to sneak a peek at the screen of a digital nomad’s laptop is that they spend a lot of their time refining the set of strategies they’ve developed.

So you might find a spreadsheet being stared at for a time you’d consider to be a bit puzzling or you may indeed see a list of something like the top 5 Fantasy and Adventure slots being reviewed by the pro gambling digital nomad. What they’re doing is professionalising their craft by simply taking the time to develop a knowledgebase and a set of skills which are actually available to all of us, if only more of us were a bit more patient in pursuing that knowledge and those skills.

So a lot of hard work does go on behind the scenes, but it’s perhaps safe to say that a pro gambler digital nomad probably has more fun making money than the average digital nomad and certainly has more fun that the average person working in a cubicle somewhere.