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Thanks for stopping by – The site that was created to help you win at gambling.
Why The Blog?
Well – I got into betting and gambling at a young age after seeing a BBC documentary, based on Ben Mezrich’s book “bringing down the house”. If you’ve not seen it, a team of MIT students began card counting, and used this method to make thousands of dollars in casinos all around the world.
From there; I got into sports betting. My first bet was a 1/8 shot, so hardly made me any money when the horse crossed the line (it was a horse called Firework that ran at Kempton many years ago) – this is where the name of the site comes from!
I’ve played pretty much every slot game going; and my favourite is “Squirrel Pike” from – the picture below shows one of my biggest wins, and the reason why I love this slot! £1,150 return from a £2.25 stake!
We cover all aspects of gambling, such as:
  • Sports Betting
  • Trading
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Casino Games
  • Specialty markets
If there’s decent odds available for a sporting event; be it footy, boxing, UFC, Formula 1-  we’ll tell you here.
If you’ve got a winner’s story you want to share with us, or had one of those “so close” moments where one bet has let you down, then send it in and we’ll post it. Head over to the contact page to get in touch!