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The Ultimate Gambler’s Guide to Betting Segmentation

Okay, so in truth those gamblers who do this betting thing on more of regular basis don’t particularly like to refer to themselves as gamblers and thus the “gambler” in the phrase “professional gambler” is really just a substitute for what would otherwise be the more cumbersome phrase of “calculated risk taker.” Perhaps more along the lines of “calculated risk-taker who maximises the upside opportunity to win big while minimising the risk itself to limit significant loss…”

As you can see, this would otherwise not quite roll of the tongue in the same way that something like “pro gambler” or “semi-pro gambler” does, so even though I am indeed discussing the calculated risk taker in this post, for now we’ll just refer to them as gamblers…

Now, as this kind of calculated or professional gambler you should never just put all your eggs in one basket, to quote a classic cliché, but one which rings true either way. You might be particularly good at one type of casino game or even one specific game in particular, but segmentation for your betting exploits is important if this is to continue being a consistent source of extra or even main income for you. Things can otherwise change very quickly in the gambling world and if you rely solely on one betting channel then you’re effectively putting yourself and your consistent earning potential at the mercy of the developments and changes which will inevitably hit that specific segment at some time or the other.

At one particular physical casino for example, your odds-analysis strategy based on the numbers which have already been drawn over a prolonged period of time is no longer relevant because what the owners have done is as soon as you win anything above £1,000 in a single spin, that digital roulette machine is reset while you wait for one of the floor managers to come and write you your cheque to go and cash out at the counter. So basically if you’ve been building up to a specific set of numbers due to inevitably come up in the draw, statistically, all those spins prior to your £1,000 winning spin are effectively irrelevant further.

Pretty much the same applies to that same casino’s physical roulette tables – when someone is on too much of a winning streak, the floor manager announces that the table is to be closed after a declared number of further rounds and they announce it straight up, telling you directly that you’re “killing them.”

So basically what you’d need to do is develop your skill across the betting board and mix things up good and proper. Play US powerball for example in addition to the time you spend spinning away at online slots or even at the physical casino if that’s your preference, in the same way that you’d bet on some sporting events in addition to perhaps something like trying your luck with bingo and the likes.

Cast your net a little wider and you have a better chance of actually catching something worthwhile by way of winnings.

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