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Advances in Mobile Technology is Changing the way we Gamble

In a world where everything seems to be moving online, many of us couldn’t be without our smart phones and devices for more than a few hours – and what was once a simple calling and messaging device, has now grown to become the world’s most manufactured products.

Now – from the touch of a button – you can turn the heating on at home before you leave the office, book and plan your entire wedding from designing and sending invites to finding the perfect dress and you never need to visit another shop again thanks to both retail and grocery home delivery services.

There are few aspects of our lives that have not been affected by advancements in technology – particularly in the world of apps and mobile devices. The way we enjoy our entertainment is also changing – for example, many of us are now choosing to opt out of long term television contracts, instead streaming their movies and television shows from sites and apps like Netflix, or free catch-up services.

The world of gaming has also had a huge overhaul thanks to changes in the way we use technology – whether you enjoy a quick game of Candy Crush or you play chess with strangers all over the world, many of us have a favourite mobile app to kill time between waiting for trains, in doctor’s surgeries or on our lunch breaks.

The world of betting and casinos has also changed dramatically – a quick stroll down your local high street and you will probably find a couple of betting shops, which were once a high-street staple, have now closed. This isn’t because people have stopped betting – but rather, that many people are moving to the world of poker and slots online and are enjoying their favourite games from their hand-held devices in the comfort of their own homes.

In fact, the move to online gambling and betting apps in industries like Online sports betting is thought to be the reason behind the merger of two of the UK’s biggest high-street betting shops, and the subsequent closure of many branches. The online betting and casino market is one of the busiest marketplaces in the online world – but this works to the advantage of many players.

With so many different betting sites and apps competing to attract new and loyal customers, different companies are constantly offering great sign up deals, such as free or matched bets, to bring in new clients – but with so many offers and deals to choose from it can feel impossible to know which is the best site for you.

Betting compare sites are a great way to help you weigh up the games and sign up offers available, and find the best one for you – improving your online betting or casino experience, whether you fancy your luck on the horses or you have a great hand at poker.

Whether you’re new to the world of casinos and betting, or you’ve been visiting your local bookies for years – in order to keep your losses at a minimum it is important to set yourself limits and stick to them, or use a separate bank account to link to all your betting and casino apps.