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Gambling can provide a lot of enjoyment when played responsibly; however, it is easy for many people to become addicted to betting. In today’s modern world, it is so easy to gamble, either in a casino, bookmaker, online or even in the comfort of your own home with friends. Betting should therefore be performed in moderation and players should never gamble more than they could afford.

Problem gambling can happen to any gender at any age. However, studies have found you are more likely to suffer a gambling addiction if you have a family history of problem gambling or if you started gambling at an early age.

If you are unsure whether you have an addiction, here are some signs you might need to seek help:

  • You spend money you cannot afford
  • You find it hard to stop gambling
  • You think about betting all the time
  • You chase a gambling loss
  • You gamble to escape financial hardship
  • You lie about your gambling
  • You have lost interest in hobbies or activities
  • You don’t want to socialise with loved ones anymore
  • You argue with family and friends about gambling
  • You neglect your responsibilities to gamble
  • You borrow money, sell your belongings or skip bills to fund your gambling
  • You need to gamble large amounts of money to feel a buzz

If you believe you could be a problem gambler, we recommend you seek help as soon as possible to tackle the problem. You can contact the National Gambling Helpline on the freephone number 0808 8020 133.