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The Oldest Casinos in the World

Casinò di Venezia

Las Vegas has always been the most famous city for casinos so it’s fitting that mention is made of the oldest casino there.

Casino Flamingo – Las Vegas, USA

Built in 1946, a fact that seems hard to believe in itself as that was only a year after WWII was over. It is still in operation and has had a number of ownership changes.

There are over 3000 rooms in the hotel and the casino got its name from the pink flamingos positioned at the front of the hotel.

Casinò di Venezia – Venice, Italy

If you think about the fact that this casino was built 400 years ago you can ask: Did they gamble here all those years ago? The building housed members of the Italian nobility before it was ever a casino. It certainly has that aged beauty about it and then there’s the canals of Venice to add to the grace of the building.

Kurhaus Casino –  Baden-Baden – Germany

The structure dates back to 1766 when it was the home of the Maquis. It has a spa resort, banquet rooms and beautiful gardens that lend a relaxing atmosphere to a place where frenetic gambling takes place inside. The fact that you can lose thousands or millions of euros and then relax at the spa later might be a hidden attraction. This place hosted European high society for some time as they came from France to gamble and enjoy a lovely vacation.

Casino Weisbaden – Germany

The cherry wood interior and the old world grace make this Casino just ooze old world charm. You can be distracted from your gambling if your eyes start wandering over the room décor which includes crystal chandeliers, Greek statues and mosaics. It was built in 1810 and has survived two world wars. Bored gamblers can make use of the spas, theatres and concert halls available for other entertainment.

Crockfords Club London, UK

There’s a 300 year gap between the ages of the buildings in Venice and Crockfords when we get to this casino which is a members only club that opened in 1826. The restricted membership makes it very exclusive but the activities are the same as every other casino. You just have to be rather rich or well connected to play there.

Casino De Monte Carlo – Monaco

This casino has had a lot of famous movies centred around it and was built in 1856. Three Bond movies and Oceans Twelve wandered around the premises as they filmed. The games here are a little different to most other casinos. Punto Banco, Trente et Quarante and Chemin De Fer are not popular games at the more common casinos.

Concert halls, restaurants, cafes and shopping are all available to players and visitors.

These beautiful old buildings are far removed in style to the glitz and glamour one usually finds within the precincts of a modern casino. It looks like sneakers and jeans just wouldn’t fit in at these places!