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The Pro Gambler’s Bread and Butter

I wouldn’t quite preach the 15,000-hour rule as gospel (that one that states that you need to practice at something for 15,000 hours in order to master it), but as with anything else in this life, becoming a professional at gambling takes a whole lot of dedication. It’s a fulltime thing and by pro gambler what I mean is someone who actually makes their main income from gambling, not necessarily someone who gets called up to participate in high stakes, prestigious events like high-roller Poker tournaments and the likes.

The professional gambler doesn’t wear the appearance of anyone looking to make a statement, in other words you could never really tell that someone is a professional gambler by perhaps fixing your eyes on them when they’re going about their business at a casino. That’s because the physical casino is not the professional gambler’s bread and butter — it’s not their core channel through which to generate their income via their fulltime gambling exploits.

A physical casino perhaps forms part of the channels through which a pro gambler generates their income, but the one who has mastered his craft enjoys a night out at the casino just as much as the next person.

If you knew exactly what to look for however, you could tell a pro gambler apart from leisure gamblers based on their online gambling exploits. Online casinos are the bread and butter of pro gamblers because there is just so much more they can do unhindered by some of the limitations that come with betting it out at a physical casino.

The roulette comes into view as an example of an odds analysis based game which is a favourite amongst pro gamblers and if you play the roulette at a physical casino, you can only really place one bet at a time at one table while the time between spins is completely at the mercy of the dealer who in turn has to make sure all the other bettors present at the table are in on the action.

The pro gambler who plays the roulette online on the other hand can press the “spin” button as soon as they’re finished placing bets — bets which they can place much quicker and in addition they can also place many bets at once on different roulette “tables”.

So casino online platforms make for the bread and butter of a pro gambler — the basic platform over which they endeavour to generate their full time, primary income.

A pro gambler isn’t necessarily a rich person whose gambling problem is not big enough to suck their finances dry, but rather someone who has professionalised the act of developing and implementing betting strategies so that they can amass winnings with greater frequency than their losses, or whose winnings simply surpass their losses. So the pro gambler might go an entire month accumulating small, incremental winnings, but when the odds are in their favour, the first few days of the month could see them accumulating big winnings which will then leave them free to bet just for fun for the rest of the month, or to focus their attention on refining their betting strategy. This is also when they resort to live casinos because they’re that much more fun.