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Top 4 Teams Climbing the Ladder This Footy Season

There are a lot of reasons why Australian Football League (AFL) is one of the best things that has happened to Australia, especially since the country as a whole takes a lot of interest in the sports game. The locals within Australia seem to invest a lot of time watching the matches as well as betting on them when they can. The team spirit is truly exciting. However, the rules of football within the country tend to differ a lot when compared to international rules.

Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules football or footy is noticeably a lot more different in comparison to International Football. The rules of footy are a lot more different as opposed to the rules of International Football, meaning that the players are allowed to position themselves anywhere on the field, and it is acceptable touch the ball with any part of the body. However, it is a foul or penalty if the player is caught holding the ball in their hands, so they must bounce or touch it to the ground sporadically. The football matches are held in an oval-shaped field and the game itself is played between eighteen players. The goal is scored by shooting the ball, which is oval in shape, into any of the tall goal posts that are situated on either side of the field. For this season, team line-ups are on AFL’s website.

Australian League Top 8 This Season

The Finals footy is right around the corner and the anticipation to see who the winning club will be is certainly taking its toll on every living being within the country. Anyway, when it comes to Australian Football League’s latest season, there is a lot of debate on which teams will be making it to the AFL Final’s top lists. Plenty of sport bloggers have taken to their platforms to disclose their take on the Top 8 AFL odds. Here’s our take on which clubs will be making it to the Top 4:

No. 4: Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are known largely for their excellent coach, Luke Beveridge. With the team consisting of talented Aussie blokes, it won’t come as a surprise at all to witness the club making it to the top in AFL Finals Footy this year.

No. 3: West Coast Eagles

Although this spot was a close call between the Bulldogs and the Eagles, we thought we’d bet our money on Eagles this time around because they have improved by quite a margin in comparison to the years prior to this.

No. 2 – Runner-up: Greater Western Sydney

GWS took the entire country by storm by proving that the Giants certainly do have game on the playing field. Although the club is comparatively younger than other clubs in the AFL, there’s no doubt in our minds that GWS is definitely going for the top spot this time around.

No. 1 – The Kings of the Season: Sydney Swans

Given the incredible history of the Sydney Swans that they’ve made on the playing field, it won’t be anything short of amazing to see them win this season.

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